MyHealth First Network is now

Prisma Health Upstate Network

MyHealth First Network (MyHFN) is now Prisma Health Upstate Network. When Greenville Health System and Palmetto Health first announced their partnership, we planned to retain the existing brands of our hospitals and clinically integrated networks. Based on our work during the past year, we now believe that aligning our networks under our health company brand will strengthen our position with employers, payers and patients.

We have now launched the new names – Prisma Health Midlands Network and Prisma Health Upstate Network. While our names changed, the Upstate Network will continue to function as a separate clinically integrated network from the Midlands Network.

Team members who use our networks through the Prisma Health benefits package will begin to see the new brand when they receive their new insurance card and in other benefits communications. The name change will not affect how they access network providers for their health care.

This is a very exciting time for the network teams. We have the opportunity to work collaboratively with the network in the midlands to identify best practices and align where it is appropriate. Moving forward, Prisma Health Upstate Network will continue to refine our network, programs and services to better position our population health programs for the future. You will continue to see the expansion of service offerings so we can provide the best care for the patients we are privileged to serve.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What changed?

MyHealth First Network (MyHFN) and Palmetto Health Quality Collaborative (PHQC) are now Prisma Health Upstate Network and Prisma Health Midlands Network. The two networks will continue to operate and be governed independently, but will collaborate and align various areas including education, clinical quality and best practices. The challenges facing our networks and the patient populations we serve are remarkably similar. Together, we are committed to increasing patients’ access to care and improving the quality and value of care our patients receive.

Did MyHFN and PHQC merge?

No. While the networks are aligning under a similar brand and purpose, they will continue to operate and be governed independently. As separate clinically integrated networks, Prisma Health Midlands Network and Prisma Health Upstate Network will retain local control and will continue to be responsible for their own membership and oversight of quality. The shared brand aims to help provide clarity and greater access to care for our patients in South Carolina.  The networks began using Prisma Health Midlands Network and Prisma Health Upstate Network names and logos in early 2019.

What is the purpose of the new brand?

The networks are aligning in an effort to enhance care for patients in South Carolina. The common brand will associate both networks with quality care and increase clarity for our shared patients and employer populations.

When will the new brand launch?

There will be a phased approach to the rollout. We will begin the transition in early 2019. Some items, such as new insurance cards, have begun transitioning in preparation for 2019.

How will this change impact patients?

We are confident that together we will continue to make great strides to improve the patient experience, clinical quality and access to care, while addressing rising health care costs. By unifying under one brand, we want to make it easier for our patients and their families to understand who we are and what we do when they need our services. The sacred relationships between patients and their physicians/advanced practice providers will not change.

How will this change impact providers?

At this time the impact on member providers is minimal. Most importantly, the partnership does not impact the patient-provider relationship, and is intended to enhance it over time. Patients and providers will begin to see the new brand on educational materials and insurance cards early in 2019.

How will patients differentiate the markets?

Over time, we hope that patients are unable to distinguish between the networks in terms of the access and quality of care they receive. However, there will be instances where the networks will need to be distinguished in more ways than just their name. We will provide clear information to these groups on how to access provider directories and materials specific to their region.

Who will lead the networks?

Bill Gerard, MD, the current Chief Executive Officer of Prisma Health Midlands Network, and Pat Marshall, MD, the current President of Prisma Health Upstate Network, will continue to lead their respective markets. The networks will be aligned in various areas, but will continue to be operated and governed locally. For information about the current governance structure for Prisma Health Upstate Network, click here, and to find information about the Prisma Health Midlands Network governance, click here.

What will happen to the websites and provider directories?

The network websites have been rebranded with a similar look, but will remain separate. Patients will be directed to the directory that is appropriate for their desired location.

What are the next steps?

We will continue aligning our networks to improve patient care and experiences. A schedule of when new materials will be available, and the overall brand integration will be provided in the near future. Moving forward, we will continue to share updates about our branding and alignment process.

What resources are or will be available to assist us with this change?

Additional information will be sent electronically throughout the rebranding process. Our provider relations representatives will also be discussing this process as they meet with network members.

If you have questions about this process please email the Midlands Network questions to and the Upstate Network questions to

Have Questions?

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